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They are now joined by names including Eventide, Softube, Kush and more. One of the latest trends in the world of audio effects is software and plugin subscription.

This relatively new business model at least for the pro audio market can offer an insane amount of value at a surprisingly low monthly cost. With more audio companies swiftly adopting this model, plugin subscriptions may soon morph from new trend to common practice. In a world that is often one-sided, this model presents a true win-win situation: Subscriptions allow audio engineers to acquire software that would otherwise be out of their means, immediately opening up a wide world of tools that help them do their jobs more effectively, right now.

The way some of these subscription bundles are priced, you could subscribe for up to a decade before buying would be cheaper than leasing. A subscription model also opens up a new subset of the market to an audio developer, allowing them to acquire customers that would have otherwise passed on their products. Offering subscriptions allows plugin makers to choose to play the long game rather than asking for a lump sum upfront, which should be pretty exciting news.

This way, developers build stronger relationships with their customers over sustained periods of time, and users are able to easily, legally and ethically gather software that would otherwise cost them thousands of dollars to buy outright. One issue is that collecting audio subscriptions can give users—especially beginning users— option paralysis.

If I had access to all the tools that I have now back when I first started, I know I would be a far inferior engineer than the one I am today. These subscriptions can end up selling dreams to beginners, unintentionally inhibiting their progress as they look to trying out new tools, rather than developing new skills, in order to overcome their challenges.

There are downsides for more experienced engineers as well: The dreaded recall could spell disaster for someone who has cancelled their subscription.

With more software out there at your disposal, it can very easy to throw up something new only to cancel your subscription later on and lose access to the plugin. Fortunately, most companies allow you to pick up your subscriptions for one month at a time to help remedy these issues though sometimes at a marginally higher monthly rate than an annual subscription.

Regardless, the annoyance remains, and realistically, many professional users may end up hanging on to annual subscriptions they rarely use just avoid that situation. Slate Digital E verything Bundle. Slate Digital was one of the earliest—if not the first—to come out of the gate with plugin subscriptions for audio engineers.

Currently, the Everything Bundle includes five EQs, eight compressors, three saturation plugins, two preamp emulations, a mastering channel, an amp sim, and a world-class delay and reverb. If you have ever used one of these trusty tools, that should come at no surprise. Plugins like the Virtual Tape Machines and the newly released Verbsuite Classics are staples on every single mix I do. However, I find myself gravitating more towards the saturation type plugins than anything else in the bundle.

The compressors included seem to be the weakest link here to me. The upcoming FG-Stress an emulation of a Distressor does bring a bit of additional promise to the compressor side of things, however.What are the best saturation plugins? This Icon Picks roundup features a selection of professional sounding saturation plugins that will harmonically enhance your music.

Saturation is the essence of what makes analog hardware sound so musical and pleasing. Driving sounds through tubes, transistors, and circuitry has long been the key ingredient in great-sounding analog recordings. Artists and engineers use saturation to add prescience, character, warmth, edge, cohesion, and much more.

From subtle to extreme, analog saturation is an integral part of amazing mixes. With five different analog saturation models to choose from, Decapitator is perfect for adding character to every sound you run through it.

This beast includes a modeled tone control for shaping the saturated sound, a mix control for parallel processing, and a Punish button to push your sounds harder. Decapitator also does an excellent job capturing the vibe of vintage and modern hardware. Furthermore, you can actually hear subtle changes when it reacts to an incoming signal.

From subtle to the extreme, Decapitator delivers every time! Read More. Big, fat, warm, deep, rich and exciting are just some of the terms used to describe the sound of magnetic tape. Virtual Tape Machines is an excellent tool for injecting the musical analog vibe of tape saturation. Moreover, Slate Digital did a great job capturing the sound and all the best features from two renowned hardware tape machines. Using VTM on your tracks and mixes will make them sound warmer, smoother, punchier, and more analog!

Add clarity and life to your mixes with this renowned tube-based processor. Modeled after its hardware counterpart, Vitalizer MK2-T shapes sounds musically and effectively. It works amazingly well at enhancing loudness, widening the soundscape, and adding harmonic depth and richness.

About the Alliance

Moreover, this sonic shaping classic makes low frequencies sound more powerful and defined, mids more focused, and highs more vivid. Saturn offers a range of different high-quality distortion models, inspired by the vintage sound of tubes, tape, and guitar amps. You also get three creative distortion styles. In addition, Saturn features a multiband design with a selection of tone and dynamics controls.

Unlike other saturation plugins, Saturn offers modulation options, XY controllers, envelope followers, and more. Additionally, this versatile tool excels at adding warmth and definition to anything you run through it. The Sonnox Oxford Inflator is a longtime secret weapon for audio professionals.

Its unique sound increases the apparent loudness of your mix or individual tracks without affecting the sonic quality or reducing dynamic range.

The Inflator adds power, warmth, and presence to your mix.Free VST Plugins are one of the most exciting things about mixing. In the past it was impossible to imagine that so many quality tools could be available at no cost.

Today there are more great free plugins than ever before, but the freeware scene is always changing. We scoured the internet for the absolute best of the best free VST plugins available.

There are a staggering free plugins listed on this page. Use the table of contents to see the lists of VSTs by category. It comes preloaded with some great sound banks to get you started. Ample Sound Cloudrum is a digital version of the extremely sought-after melodic handpans you might have heard on a moody film soundtrack. Audjoo Helix is a full featured, crisp sounding subtractive synthesizer.

Blamsoft VK-1 is a digital emulation of the sought after Moog Voyager hardware synth. All the classic flavour of the original is present in the excellent sounding VK Blaukraut Charlatan 2. Its easy-to use interface makes it good for dialing up great sounds fast. Is a voice subtractive synth with powerful options beneath its simple exterior. Its comprehensive LFO controls and modulation matrix are perfect for creating evolving soundscapes. The OB-Xd convincingly recreates the legendary pads and leads of the original.

DSK Dynamic Guitar is another realistic guitar sample plugin with convincing articulations for strumming. DSK The Grand sounds very convincing for a free plugin. A great option for moody and dramatic grand piano sounds. Phase Distortion is a variant of FM synthesis that can produce some truly wild sounds. Full Bucket Modulair is a capable, fully modular synth plugin available generously for free.

Keyzone Classic gives you great sounding acoustic and electric pianos sounds in your DAW for free. Linplug FreeAlpha 3 is based on the same powerful synth engine as the paid version. Its slimmed down feature set is easier to use and sounds great. Get all the classic sounds of this affordable vintage synth in your DAW. This small but powerful VST synth gives you that sweet sweet bass we all know and love.

It contains all the presets of the paid version with a slimmed down control scheme. Everyone needs a sampler! Plogue Sforzando is a simple standalone player for the non-proprietary SoundFont format of sampled instruments.

Fathom is a modular VST synth that excels at crafting original waveforms with advanced modulation. The mono version of Fathom is available completely free. Sound Magic Piano One uses a hybrid modelling technique to deliver the sound of the workhorse Yamaha C7 grand piano.Since its release, Unfiltered Audio's Sandman has wowed mix engineers, sound designers and DJs alike with its slice-and-dice genius. A delay plugin with a severe narcoleptic bent, Sandman uses its Sleep mode to freeze its delay buffer to create stunning loops and grains that can be re-pitched, down-sampled, played in reverse, dirtied with noise and modulated — transforming and mutating sounds beyond all recognition!

Using very short delay times, the shape-shifting Sandman alternately becomes a flanger, stutter generator, wavetable synthesizer or percussion resonator. But Sandman also excels at producing traditional echo and stereo ping-pong effects, providing delay times ranging from slapback to longer than a coffee break.

Never satisfied for long, the mad scientists at Unfiltered Audio have pushed Sandman's versatility up several notches.

20 Best Saturation Plugins

The new Sandman Pro adds seven new delay modes — each fitted with its own set of adjustable controls — that greatly expand its sonic palette while driving maximum delay times to a staggering 16 minutes. Use Classic Tape mode to lather echoes, loops and grains with virtual tape saturation, wow and flutter.

The artifact-free Multi-Tap mode gives you a whopping 16 simultaneous delay lines to bless vocals and guitar solos with mammoth doubling and stadium-size echo effects. Use the ultra-smooth Reverse mode to produce click-free, haunting reverse echoes. Unlike with using other delays, you can modulate Sandman Pro's delay time in Modern Instant mode without producing audible pitch artifacts—great for cleanly transitioning vocal effects from doubling to echo trails at the end of a phrase.

Use the dual-mono Pitch Shifter mode to create vocal harmonies, classic shimmer effects, metallic textures and more. Or use Glitch Shifter mode for funky pitch shifting that sounds, um, just plain wrong! Not messed up enough? Modulate the Sleep button in No Echo mode for crazy stutter and glitch effects. Sandman Pro can sound squeaky clean, severely damaged or anything in between.

But there's more. Sandman Pro includes Unfiltered Audio's flagship modulation system, and as of version 1. Not getting the patterns you want with sine-based LFOs? No problem — you can also modulate parameters with a full blown step sequencer — another new feature in v1. The range of tones and textures that the Sandman Pro can achieve is truly limitless. Using high feedback levels, the new diffusion network layers reverb with your echoes and multi-tap delays.

And with stereo delays, you can offset the left and right delay times and apply cross-channel feedback to create intricate polyrhythmic ping-pong echoes and phase-y Sleep-buffer loops. Reverse the Sleep buffer to transform grains with backward envelopes. Or lock the length of the buffer and adjust its start and end points to change the grain's pitch. Built-in lowpass and highpass filters sculpt your mad creation's timbre, while the new Soft Clip function adds analog-style saturation.

Brimming with new features, from beautiful to bizarre, Sandman Pro is the indisputable Swiss army knife of the delay world. Activate the fully functional day demo with your Plugin Alliance account today to hear for yourself no dongle required! Sandman Pro is really hands-on and intuitive, feels very organic and has some great features unseen before in delay plugins.

Installation Manager

Dubby and trippy to the max! Sandman is a crazy tool; loving playing around with it! I like the basic delay functions, but it gets really creative when adding the LFOs. I love the fact that despite the complexity of this plugin, you will master… Read More Mr. This is not just a delay! Almost endless possibilities with this function, I use it as wet or dry signal.

Love it. It simply begs to be explored. Supported Operating Systems macOS With the Installation Manager, you can select, download and install just the Plugin Alliance products and formats you need for your system. Added to the mega bundle at no extra cost! Jump To:.Use the search field below to enter keywords like the name of the plugin, the error message you're seeing, or briefly describe the issue that you are having. If you don't find the answer on your first try, please try rewording your question.

How can we help you? If you are having issues with authorizing our plugins, you can try using another DAW to see if the plugin authorizes there. Or you could try Reaper if you are on Windows or Mac, which has an unlimited free trial period. GarageBand does make it kind of difficult to find third-party plugins. Here's an article that explains how to do it. As of July 12, Accusonus is no longer a Plugin Alliance company and their products will no longer be available through the Plugin Alliance website.

If you own a license for an Accusonus product, you should have received an email with instructions on how to proceed. If you purchased an accusonus product before their departure from Plugin Alliance, you will be able to continue using the final Plugin Alliance version without interruption.

If you did not opt out of their mailing list, you should have received an email from accusonus on how to proceed.

plugin alliance tape

We recommend Online Activation for the easiest and best process. Open one of our plugins in your DAW, then click it to start activation. Enter the email address and password you use on our website and the rest will be done automatically through your internet connection.

If you care unable to activate online, go to the offline computer and save the Machine ID file to a removable storage device for transfer to an online computer.

Log in to Manage Plugins and activate your new plugin using the Machine ID file that you copied from your offline workstation. Download your new license file which now includes the new license and copy it back to your offline computer using your removable storage device.

Plugin Alliance plugins are activated via a file named pa. The file is specific to the user account on both macOS and Windows. To open your user library folder, switch to the Finder, select the Go menu and press the Option key. Your Library will appear and you can open it and navigate to Application Support, then open Plugin Alliance.

A command line window will pop up. Most likely the installer was corrupted in some way during the download.

bx_console Focusrite - FEATURE WALKTHROUGH

Please delete the erroneous copy from your computer, re-download the installer from our website and try installing again. You may need to troubleshoot your internet connection. You certainly can!When the German plugin experts at Brainworx decided to port some of the best contemporary German and American hardware into the digital domain, they started a new company called the Plugin Alliance.

The concept was to offer customers a one-stop portal for high-end plugins modeled after analog units by SPL, Vertigo Sound, and Elysia, as well as Brainworx's own well- respected bx series. I got to audition five of the plugins offered by the Alliance, in addition to the four free ones they're offering on their site. The main control is labeled Tone, and it chooses the "slicing frequency interval", according to the manual.

In practice, this makes for a drastically different sound depending on where it is set. Counterintuitively, at the lower settings around 20 Hzyou can hear the most effect on the vocal range, where it sounds like a stereo doubler. There is a control for the overall width of the effect, as well as a knob for Pan or Tilt.

plugin alliance tape

Pan affects the placement of the center signal whereas Tilt leaves the mid signal centered and just adjusts the side-to-side balance. You can solo each of the channels mid or side separately to hear exactly what is getting spread out to the extremities.

With the Hi-Damp and Mono-Freq controls, you can adjust the high and low frequencies of the pseudo-side signal to alter the.

plugin alliance tape

As for use on full-program material, I just happened to do a mastering project for Nate Denver's Neck while I was testing out the plugin, and he had two mixes that had ended up in mono. Through fine- tuning the Tone frequency, filters, and Tilt control, I was able to make the mixes fit much better with the rest of the album, while retaining the majority of the center-channel punch that the mono mixes had delivered.

It's got too many features to explain in detail here, so I'll just give you the nutshell description. Basically you have three "bands" in your limiter, but instead of being the typical low, mid, and high bands, they are Mid Lo the low end of the center channelMid Hi the high end of the centerand Side.

You can set your crossover point for the split of the mid signal, and limit each band separately, with different attack and release settings. You can apply different amounts of "XL" to each band individually as well, which is what Brainworx calls the addition of third and fifth-order harmonics. You can really juice up your Mid Hi channel, for instance, giving your vocal some extra bite without affecting the cymbals, assuming they're panned out to the sides of the mix.

There is a Mono Maker control which filters frequencies below a given point from the side channel again from 20 Hz kHzand there are also extensive sidechaining capabilities. The Sidechain Mix control allows you to fade between any two of five source options Mid, Mid Hi, Mid Lo, Side, and External to get the precise signal you want controlling your limiter, and then you can activate that sidechain signal on each of the three limiter bands independently.

Sounds a little complex, but it gives you a huge amount of control over how your limiter functions and sounds. After using it for the last month, I now consider this plugin to be absolutely indispensable in my in-the-box mastering setup.

All 124 Plugin Alliance Products Are FREE For One Month!

The Vertigo VSC-2 is a well-respected contemporary German hardware compressor, and using the plugin version will surely make anyone want to get their hands on the hardware.

I find the character of VSC-2 to be similar to the coloration that the G Series Bus imparts, but the extra controls in VSC-2 sidechain filter at 60 or 80 Hz, dual mono mode, and two extra ratios - Soft and Brick really allow you to shape the sound of the compression to fit the application.

A "mix" version of the compressor is included also, with one set of controls and fewer features.Drums are always interesting to mix. Simply bringing together and balancing as many as 20 or 30 mics is an art in itself.

Perhaps because of this, there seem to be more plugins made specifically for mixing drums than just about any other instrument. Each of these plugins has helped take my own drum mixing game to the next level and I could barely imagine mixing without them now.

The Drum Leveler by Sound Radix provides one of the more effective takes on drum gating out there, as well as transparent dynamic range control. Sound Radix only makes a few pluginsbut each of them is truly special.

Drum Leveler comes in as my first essential drum mixing plugin because it solves one of the most significant issues with live, multi-tracked drums: Bleed. Noise gates have come and gone from my arsenal, some with more success than others. They can be frustrating enough to work with that it seems many engineers avoid them altogether, opting to work around bleed in other ways, whether by using samples, cutting dead space, or just working on optimizing their mic positioning and selection.

But there is hope. What this means is that the plugin automatically compresses or expands individual hits to achieve a more limited dynamic range with a minimum of compression artifacts, all while respecting the natural dynamics of the performance. In short, Drum Leveler cleans up both your drum tracks and your drummer. Another interesting entry in this category of drum-specific gates is the Wilkinson DeBleeder.

Slate Trigger is one of the more effective and user-friendly drum replacers out there. Thankfully, Slate Trigger can. Trigger is a fully-featured drum replacement plugin. It allows you to load up to eight different samples and blend them however you want, along with the natural sound. You can tweak the samples further with controls for dynamics and velocity range, giving you the options to mold the sound to fit your live kit more naturally.

What I really love about Trigger is how simple it is to use. Despite being very flexible, everything makes sense within the plugin.

In true Slate fashion, the important stuff is put up front while more complex options are just a few clicks away. While some may sound dated, these samples have been used on countless records, and are sure to give you some more options when blending.

I end up adding Kick 7 to almost every kick I mix, even if I am blending it in with other samples to get a distinct tone each time. The included instrument editor will allow you to import WAV files and make your own multi-velocity samples, but one-shot WAVs can be loaded directly into the plugin as well. Auto Align offers a unique approach to getting drum tracks in phase with minimal effort and second-guessing. Put it across all of your drum tracks, and let it go to work.

This plugin will detect phase and timing issues and automatically adjust your tracks in real time. This plugin is a real CPU hog that could bog down the your chain. Before I touch my drum tracks, I usually set up Auto Align and commit the versions. That way, I can go forward knowing my drums are just about perfectly in phase.

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